Sunday, June 04, 2006

You Could'a Walked Around the World

The Studebaker – the Pontiac – Cadillac and Ford
Some will be recycled and some will be restored
But somebody’s got you thinkin’ that the best way to survive
Is just to drive, drive, drive

But I’m here to tell you friends – if things haven’t gone too far
Don’t lay your treasures up in some big shiny car
Cause with less money than you’ve wasted and less time than it took to make it
You could’a walked around the world

These are the opening words of Butch Hancock’s You Could’a Walked Around the World and they seem to have more relevance to my life today than ever before. It occurs to me that there have been times in my adult life when I have been so consumed with making a living that I have forgotten to stop and look around. Of course my chosen profession of education puts me in a position to do something for others, yet at times it has become the extent of my life. I lived “school” at work and at home, often to the point that education IS me.

Recently, I became involved in a church. It seemed to my wife that this was something that we should do. Of course I was content just working at school and home with her –happy as two flies on….

First, it was just a Sunday thing and then we were working the Coats for Kids, the church clean up and walking in Fourth of July Parades. Next, the “whacky” pastor put us on committees and we suddenly became a part of the church community, rather than a couple of butts in a pew. Of course this church thing got pretty interesting along the way. We did some book study and learned about some pretty liberal theologians –Spong, Crossan, and Borg to name a few.

You could’a danced with danger – made good friends outta total strangers
You could’a walked around the world

You could’a learned how to heal instead of makin’ people sick
You could’a walked around the world
You could’a talked with masters ‘stead of arguin’ with fools
You could’a walked around the world

Some of the ideas did seem to hinge on danger if you consider that the message that blood atonement is not the essence of Christianity. But, much of it did seem to make sense. It took me back to a time when I was younger and spent time traveling, hiking, canoeing and thinking about God and the significance of Biblical thought for a modern scientific world. Like when one of my old hippie friends and I talked about the after life and how it could scientifically be real. We reasoned that after death the atoms of your essence or soul would ascend into the universe and hook up with similar atoms. If you had “good” atoms you hooked up to make more good in the world and if you had “bad” atoms…well you can figure that out. It was kinda of karma thang.

You coud’a walked through the jungle and seen Victoria falls
You could’a seen the pyramids and the taj mahal
You could’a seen the holy land – put yourself in Jesus shoes
You could’a walked around the world

You could’a walked around the world
You could’a walked around the world
You could’a seen the holy land – put yourself in Jesus shoes
You could’a walked around the world

I have always been a political person albeit a little “left” leaning. I said to my wife that I was much more passive about my political beliefs before we started going to church. Now I seemed impassioned about making the government demonstrate some grace. This has manifested itself mostly in my compelling interest in universal health care. I mean, it really torques me off that such a large portion of my earnings goes towards health care and others have no health care at all because they have very little earnings. It’s almost like health is for the wealthy and damn the poor. It certainly does not seem to demonstrate any grace. This situation always comes to mind when I think of the mission of the church. I think it should be universal health care. All the churches should unite in a fight to achieve universal health care for all people. Of course this would probably alienate a few church members who worked for insurance companies or were doctors and such, but it does seem to me to be the most important issue that is in need of some grace.

You could’a leaned into the face of four strong winds
‘stead of drivin’ round town collectin’ useless odds and ends
‘stead of goin’ nowhere youd could’a lived a life of destinations
you could’a walked around the world

you could’a climbed the Eiffel tower – seen the lights of gay paris
watched little dogs fight for power up in Washington d c
someday you will remember you’re child of mother earth and
you could’a walked around the world

Since we started this church thing I have found myself taking time from my all too important activities to prepare a meal for the youth with my Sunday school class. And you know it did not do much towards achieving universal health care, but I think it meant a lot to a bunch of kids on a Thursday night. They ate all the chicken and hot dogs like they were really hungry. The Sunday school class enjoyed the fellowship and all things considered I realized that I could have stayed at home, but then again I sure felt good about giving the time.

you could’a walked around the world
you could’a walked around the world
someday you will remember you’re a child of mother earth and
you could’a walked around the world

-Willi with a little help from Butch Hancock’s You Could’a Walked Around the World


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how you have written this entry weaving the lyrics with your thoughts like fine linen. I am glad that you and gawilli have joined us at church; you two have so much to offer.

Your thoughts about universal health care are solid, and to think that Hilary had a plan that we failed to implement. Even if Congress did not accept her plan, they should have initiated some other version at that time. And that was so many years ago.

9:07 PM  
Blogger gawilli said...

Well "you could'a" done a lot of other things according to Butch...but I'm pretty darn glad you headed up north and found a home here.

10:35 PM  
Blogger PT said...


Another great post. The current state of health care is a classic example of the chasm between rich and poor. I have the cynical belief that the government, who possibly pays $200 for a hammer, could send an intern down to home depot to by one for $15. The savings could be tremendous. Just think, with the savings, we could afford to pay for the $5 aspirin the hospital is going to charge. Keep up the good work, and yes, I'm glad you are our financial chairman.



8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved that you said some whacky preacher. Looks to me that you have a pretty good thing going on at that church, hang on to it for all you are worth. I wish I didn't live so very far away, because I could go to your church and not feel so alienated as I do at mine, just because we don't agree.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know all the musical concepts. However, I do like the car part. Maybe, more educational meetings at the "House of Bruce" would help my knowledge base.

The job is the place of service to society. The little kids need their lessons. That is number one. Then they will have a chance to figure it all out as they live their lifes. They might get so good that they will share the answers with us. School makes it happen for a large number of students. For some, it is later rather than right now. As for me, I will keep my ride and continue on down life's road.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be still walking so you have no time for blogging.

7:35 PM  

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