Sunday, August 27, 2006

Minimum Wage Bill

Back in July I read a column from the St. Louis Dispatch concerning legislative action towards raising the minimum wage. It appears that a raise in the minimum wage was “tacked” onto a bill that lowered the inheritance tax.

The Republicans have long sought to decrease the inheritance tax. This is legislative action that truly benefits a very small minority. Why! I have heard that it does not even “kick in” to anyone’s benefit unless they make a million dollars. Like, I or rather my family will certainly save a bundle when this educator takes his last breath.

Apparently the Democrats were gearing up to “bash” the GOP for not supporting the minimum wage. Since an election is coming up in November the GOP formulated a cunning strategy. They would write legislation for an inheritance tax cut and attach an increase in the minimum wage. The Democrats would have to support the bill or end up looking like their mascot. The Republicans would get the long sought after break for their “fat cat” buddies and escape any Democrat assault on GOP intolerance for the working man.

In the St. Louis Dispatch column it was said that one GOP legislator was quoted as saying the Republicans had “out foxed” the Democrats on this issue. I am certain that as he returned to his seat the entire Republican side of the house broke out into a Bob Wills tune,

Take Me back to Tulsa

”Little bee sucks the blossom, big bee gets the honey,
Dark man picks the cotton, White man gets the money.”


Blogger gawilli said...

Where is Indiana on this for Pete's sake? Other states have established their own increase in minimum wage despite the federal government's inability to take care of business. Why can't we just get the job done?

5:50 PM  

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