Saturday, May 05, 2007

Derby Day

"Well they fell in love in holding tank
The first Friday in May.
It was their first offense so they got out in time
To whoop it up on Derby Day."
-Tim Krekel
Folks it is the first Saturday in May and that means it is Derby Day! One of the greatest sporting events around and cultural happening. Or at least as far as I am concerned.
I am not one of those who bets the horse. I have not even been to a track. But I grew up with horseracing in my family. My dad would go to Oaklawn race track every Saturday during racing season. I would sit on the from porch and play games with the betting cards. Why sometimes I even called a race in my imagination. Win, place, or show! I was into it cuz my daddy was.
Derby Day is an event for gawilli and I. We watch the Derby and follow the winner through all the Triple Crown races. We even make crab cakes when they run the Preakness.
We woke up this morning and check all the contenders on the Kentucky Derby web site. I usually favor the winner of the Arkansas Derby. This year that would be Curlin who not only won the Arkansas Derby but the Rebel as well. He is the Derby favorite. Hard Spun and Street Sense I like too. Hard Spun has run well in the mud and it's likely to be muddy. I also like NoBiz Like ShoBiz and Tiago primarily because I saw them run in the Wood Memorial and the Santa Anita, on tv or course.
My Dad always like the gray horses and so does gawilli. She also likes the ones that have a heart gripping story. For gawilli it is Storm in May. She says the horse runs well on a wet track, finished second in the Arkansas Derby (no match for Curlin) and is blind in one eye. There's the story. Read all about this gray, one eyed, second place Arkansas Derby finisher that runs well on a wet track over at Back in the Day.
The other thing about Derby Day that I like is that I always remember my dad and those cultural things he shared. So come post time when they blow the horns I be in front of my tv with cowboy hat on smoking a big cigar. I raize my annual shot of whiskey and salute the horses and my dad.
Hope you enjoy the Kentucky Derby as much as gawilli and I.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put some Krekel on the stereo and read me the picks; it's Derby Day! See you at the post!

12:42 PM  
Blogger daddy d said...

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8:19 AM  
Blogger daddy d said...

Wonderful post. I like the dad tradition within it. Dads help form many views. But of course, so do moms. My dad never had race horse words of wisdom that I heard. Or maybe I was not listening.

So, when this data came my way, it was HOT stuff. In the race's history, the winner has come from the # 2 post 29 times. Curlin had that position yesterday. He was my bet and ran a come from behind race with a display of raw power. He started slow and got boxed back to 19th at one time. But next time...

8:22 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

I am always impressed that you and Gawilli find a number of reasons to celebrate. Derby Day is another fine reason to celebrate. We had a fine Derby Day with our relatives, two of whom are Louisvillians.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see the queen I am very interested how she was as I am British and haven't had the pleasure of seeing her or meeting her in person, she has not been to that part of america for nearly 20yrs I think correct me if I am wrong, let me know your thoughts on her.

12:53 AM  
Blogger willi said...

Jo - I did not see the Queen at the Derby. I hear she is quite the horse person.

I did she a picture of her in the paper with W. She was looking out the corner of her eye as if to say,
"you bad boy!"

9:22 PM  

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